The Stream

The stream had run
Through the middle
Of the property
For as long
As they had lived there
But not a one
Had ever known
Or from where
It flowed.

They know.


Never Have I Seen Before

Never have I seen before
A light that shines as yours
What you exude
Cannot be found
In markets or in stores.

The world around you seems to glow
Colors come alive
Time seems to slow
To shimmer
To stop
Your silhouette
In the very light
Which falls around you like snow.

Never have I know before
A love like we have found
The way you never leave my side
Even when you are not around
The way you smile and say hello
The way you do your hair
All the many different ways
You show me that you care.

I love you Darling
And I hope
This year will bring us joy and healing
That we will better share and understand
What both of us are feeling
That we will help each other grow
Together and in our own directions
That we will do our best to listen
To learn through observation and reflection.

I will be there
For you my Love
Whether times are difficult or pleasant
This life is full of so many beautiful things
And I appreciate them so much more when you are present.

The Oarfish Has Arisen

The Oarfish has arisen
From its home beneath the waves
It journeys from the shadowed depths
To the surface to be safe
It feels the earth’s vibrations
In the silence where it dwells
And in this way knows many secrets
Which it can nor will ever tell

The Oarfish has arisen
Board the windows
Lock your doors
Put all your children safe to bed
Bag the levees and the shores
The Oarfish has arisen
Now we wait with bated breath
To see what follows in its wake
Hoping for life, and not for death.

At Times, We

At times, we
Want so badly for something to believe in
That we will believe

At times, we
Want nothing more
Than for everything to go
As it is supposed to,
As it should,
As we so badly wish it would,
But just as often
We find
That life proceeds
In a direction unplanned and for which we are utterly

At times, we
Hope for the best,
That we might know ourselves
And that we might make good decisions
When confronted with choices
That we might look back and believe,
That we led a life worth living,
That we learned from our mistakes,
As well as the mistakes of others.

At times we,
Realize with utmost resolution
That life is not just a thread into which our lives are dyed
It is so much more.

Life is a collision
Of lives and their vibrations,
Of stories and of truths,
Of triumphs and of failures,
A surge of growth
And an eventual slowing of particles,
As we all are slowly woven
Into the fabric of time,
Into the history of all that we see,
Into a tapestry of time,
A witness to
And a chronicle of
All that transpired.

At times, we
All that has come before.

To Not Be Filled with Wonder

Inspired by the poem Not to Wonder by Tornadoday.

To not be filled with wonder
When staring up at the starry skies above
When looking out at the great expanse and seeing only light
In all directions
So fast
And yet so slowly
As representations of long-dead distant worlds float ceaselessly through empty space
Waiting to be discovered
Waiting to be seen
And experienced
To be known
And therefor to have existed

To not be filled with upmost awe
When gazing down through focused glass
When observing clearly a tiny realm and revealing only chance
And strings
That extend in all directions
And yet with such precision
Carving representations of possibilities limitless and relatively absurd in nature
Waiting to be observed
Waiting to be recorded
And understood
To be known
And therefor to have existed


My dear,
Do you not understand,
Your value is inherent;
There is nothing can define your worth,
In your heart it is apparent.

The way you smile,
The way you laugh,
The way you view the world around you
Each little thing that makes you “you”
Makes me so glad I’ve found you.

I care for you,
Just as you are,
And I will always stand beside you.
But darling,
You must learn to love yourself
And know your value is inside you.

For the fuel burns and the world turns
Whether it does so with or without you,
And yes, there are people and things
That do not care about you.

What matters most
Is that you know
You matter and you are worth knowing.
Not for the work you do,
But because you’re you,
Still learning and still growing.

All the World Waits

All the world waits
For you
Though surely there are times
Where it may feel
Like it is just beyond your reach
A realm unto itself
To be observed
But not to be interacted with

Know this
That you are
Not alone

There is so much that is not understood
About this place which we call home
So many facets of life
That are utterly beyond comprehension
From the grand and marvelous
To the seemingly mundane

Even the stars themselves
Which shine so bright in the stars above
Once thought to be fixed points of pure light
Infinite and absolute
Are but decomposing remnants
Scattered across great expanses of empty space
Many long dead
Remembered only by their lingering echoes

Our impact on those around us
Is not always clear
Nor can it be easily defined
By what we can immediately understand
And we are left to wonder
What purpose we serve

But just as the stars above
Though surely someday we will fade
Our legacy remains

Where We Fit In

There is no sky above
No Earth below
Just space
Collapsing and expanding
Flowing through
All of objects and the distance between them
Each and every corner
Until there is nothing to separate
The black from the white
The light from the darkness
The shadows of night
From the glow of the day

We are but an audience
Seeking only to know
Where we fit in