When We Finally Let Go

When we finally let go
Will it be as if we are falling
Into that great abyss
Or will all that we held on to
Lift and float away
As a curtain to reveal
What they had hidden all along?


At the End of a Long Day

At the end of a long day
These words
And the people that they reach
– Muffled whispers
Drawn to attentive ears –
Are all that we have
In lines and hidden passages
Perceptible only to those who are open
To the truth
That lies in the spaces between
Like fine threads
Strings that reach
To tie us together
Spanning such immeasurable distances
Crossing space
And time
That we may be together
If only for a brief moment
But also which may be summoned once more
As needed
As dictated necessary
By context and complexity
At the slightest inclination
At the beginning of a great darkness
At the break of dawn
And at the end
Of a long day.

Oh, But in the Soft Twilight

On the horizon
Where earth and ocean meet the sky
Where two worlds collide
This is where my heart resides
Always at the divide
If you pay attention
You can see it in my eyes.

The sun and the moon
Indifferent in their ways
Are unaware this place
Ignorant their position
As they drift aimlessly through space
Never knowing their power
Not understanding
The part that they play
In deciding our fate
In dictating the difference
Between the nights and the day.

Oh, but in the soft twilight
There is no day, there is no night
And in this balance
But for a moment
All is right.

What Sacred Spectres are These?

What sacred spectres are these,
What sacred spectres are these,
To whom you call out to when down on your knees,
Whom you wish to appease,
With your chants and your pleas,
Whose visage you accept without question,
Without sight

Can you not see,
Can you not see,
That the spirit exists
Manifests endlessly,
In all we perceive,
In the birds and the trees,
In the oceans and seas,
In you and in me,
In war and in peace,
Good health and disease,
The West and the East,
In the places and races and faces between?

What sad spectres are these,
What sad spectres are these,
Which you conjure then relegate to symbol and allegory?
Prior notions believed,
Not truly perceived,
No new visions conceived,
Lest through your dirty hands
Should we the holy receive:
A house in the sand
No foundation beneath?

So are you content with this,
The extent of which,
Can be found in such measures
As length and as width,
Or do you wish
To see that which exists
In dimensions outside of those through which we drift?

What new essence could be,
What new essence could be,
Gleaned without expectation
Or projected meaning,
Just waiting
That we
Were to open our eyes,
Our hearts,
To possibility,
To the capacity
Of infinity,
The unimaginable power
Derived entropy,
The likewise constructive/
Of creativity,
Of abstract relief,
The potential now dormant
Just waiting to be,
In unfettered belief,
In the things we can see
But cannot quite reach
With neither body nor mind
But the spirit still seeks
In our poetry,
In the songs that we sing,
In artistic renditions
Premonitions unique
As the choices
And voices
Of those who write and who speak
As our sources
And forces
Of creation should be.

Until the Bell, Divided, Rings

The more tight our grasp
On what we love
The shorter now it seems to last

We shall forget these things
Until the bell, divided, rings
And in its hollow sound
The lines and words which we had prior found
Now to which we’re bound will sing

Until this day arrives
The voices we did prior hide
So bold will rage inside
In languages with meaning tucked behind
All messages implied
And from this simple truth the truth itself shall die

And as our minds are shattered then
Our voices scatter
As they chatter to no end
Though it won’t matter when
We lose the first from which our mouths was birthed
Our children’s worth already spent

And from our dreams it seems
Or nightmares rather
Will spring beings
Not meant for light of day
Their wretched forms
Of darkness born
In light will take a different state

Through drifting, shifting skies
We will surmise
Not only distance
Weight and size
But with much more than eyes
We will perceive intent apparent in the dearth of their surprise

Then in a sudden burst
The ink from pen
As if rehearsed
Will finally mark the words
Once more inclined as if refined
Repaying now all debts incurred

When the bell, incited, finally tolls
All wrongs righted
We’ll stand united
Not divided, broken souls

Until the bell, divided, rings
Until the bell, divided, rings
Until the bell, divided, rings
We will await the peace it brings

Until the bell, divided, rings
Until the bell, divided, rings
Until the bell, divided, rings
We will await the peace it brings

In the Mountains of the Carolinas

In the mountains of the Carolinas
I’ve worked to put it all behind but
All the memories still bind us
In a way
But wait
With new ones maybe I can find
That there’s still time enough
And light enough
A new mind, aligned, in spite of
Scenes with dreams implied
No white doves
Only wide eyes
New tries
And the right love
In a heart that beats the same as mine
Inside of
A body that despite tough times
Remains and that’s enough
To leave me delighted
And now I’m excited
For soon we’ll leave the Carolinas
To return to where we reside
And this will be all that’s left to remind us
Of the days now far behind us
So here’s to the light that guides us
And the ones who stay beside us
Through troubled times
And storms or pride that blinds us
Because we know
True love is hard to find but
It’s even harder
To keep alive.


To seek and achieve greatness
Is a constant and unrelenting process
Paradoxical in that
Once achieved
Greatness quickly fades to the mundane
Requiring exceptional efforts once more
To define the new standard
An iterative process which repeats itself
In every facet of life as we know it
From the drive to acquire financial and social success
To the lofty aspiration of the individual
To pursue meaning in an existence inherently devoid clear definition as such;
Keep reaching ever higher
As we all must
Willing to accept and embrace the plateaus and valley
Just the same as the peaks.