Update April 2019 (7/8):

Life is changing, rapidly. I have been on a hiatus of sorts, managing change. The dust is settling, and I do believe there are beautiful new worlds waiting to be be discovered. I am not committing to daily posts any longer; that phase is complete; but keep an eye out for a renewed energy here… Oh, and watch for Conduit. 😉

What is This Blog?

This is a blog where I post my poetry and creative writing.

I do not write/share these things with the goal of impressing anyone or gaining acceptance. If you do not like my writing, that is okay. If you do like my writing, that is also okay.

My writing varies. I generally produce free-form, stream-of-consciousness poetry that comes from and speaks to my current personal state of mind and being. Much of my writing refers to or addresses challenges I am facing, or events that are occurring in my life. I tend to eschew punctuation and traditional structure (Rather, I guess I might say I am conservative as such). This is intentional. I don’t really care if you find it lazy or dislike it. You be you, I’ll be me.

Please do not ask me to explain or elaborate; it was quite intimidating just to start this, and I have no current intention of exposing any personal details about myself than those below. This may change, but it will be my choice if so.

Edit 5/12/18: The above has changed. Ask me whatever you would like. I will answer honestly as best I am able. I love all of you and am learning to trust you. Thank you,

Who is the Author?

The author is me. I am a recently-divorced, white, late-20’s male living in the United States. I am working through a recent life transition (my divorce) as well as a range of mental health issues exacerbated as such. This blog is just as much a creative outlet as a form of therapy for me.

I frequently collaborate with and write about my creative muse, Blackbird, of the blog Wandering Thoughts.

Awards and Recognition