It Is Quiet

It is
Despite the sound
Of the house
Settling in
To its century-old foundation
Nestled amongst
A sea of concrete
Dotted with the glassy-eyed denizens
And their jet-black motorcars
And stopping
And departing again
Until they reach
Where they are going
Wherever that might be


Life, and the Path It Follows

The Earth is alive
Even when it is sleeping
Under so many layers
Of ice and debris
Clinging tightly
To the frozen ground
As loose debris blows
Gently over the layered snow
From place to place
In an equation far too complex to be captured within the realm of our understanding
An equation based on chaotic interaction
And chance
And a pesky little detail
Ascribed the title of “free will”
Or life
A far more complicated chain of events
And utterly overwhelming
In the eccentricities by which
It impacts the universe it interacts with
Which is in itself
Utterly unique and completely without equal
In the grandeur by which it is arranged
And the incomprehensible possibilities
That it could be arranged any other way
And enable our lives to carry out as they do
And carving
Little lines through everything we touch
Leaving reminders
That we were there
That we existed
And deeply impactful
To all of the other objects and living things
With which we share this space
To the situations that they encounter
As well as in the decisions they make when confronted with them
For we are a part of something far larger and more powerful than ourselves
And the path that it follows at it unfolds before all of our eyes
The stories that are written
The loves that are shared
And the marks that are left
In time
We build
A legacy that we are proud of
Marks that tells a story of truth and of honor
Of growth and of development
As we learn to be
Something more than just a collection of cooperating cells
Looking out for itself in a world of enemies and friends alike
But rather an active participant
In an experience shared
With everything we interact with
From the smallest of this worlds materials
To the massive stars and black holes that fill the night sky
All engaged in a cosmic dance
Through time itself
A movement which started
Far before we arrive
And will continue
Long after we are gone

Of What, I Am Not Certain

I remember when
Our eyes opened
With the rising of the sun

The smell of morning air
And a renewal that cannot quite be captured
In words
Can only be felt
But for a moment

I remember standing
Behind a frozen pane of glass
Staring out
Into a world of swirling white
Whether there was still anything left at all

There is a chill which lingers
In the air even in warm rooms
Until finding its way
Straight through thick jackets
Shirts and flesh beneath
Straight to the core
Of what, I am not certain
For I have felt it so many times before
But cannot trace
From where it started
Nor when or where it ceased to be

Something To Call Mine

Sunset, sunrise
The day;
Colliding with the night.
The light, the skies
The fire in your eyes
Burned bright
While I
Was standing by your side
Eyes wide
You looked at me and sighed
And said
Let’s give this thing a try”
I died
In that period of time
Then was
Still not quite alive
But tied
At least
To something that just might
A will in me to fight
To strive
A drive
A goal to keep in mind
To bind
A treasure, still inclined
To find
Hold high
Something to call mine

Another Day Has Passed

Another day has passed;
The Earth has turned once more
Around the sun,
The darkness swallowing the light
Giving way to the dark hours of the night
Illuminated only
By the glow of the silver moon.

The sounds of the waking world
Recede slowly
Making way for
The stillness of the empty hours
Between the dusk and the dawn.

In the silence
Life rests at last
As eyes drift closed
And dreams begin
To fill the vacuum that remains.

The Path We Prior Trod

It seems so long ago
The night sky glowed above on cloudless nights
Absorbed with fascination by wide and hopeful eyes
Each and every star filled
With purpose
With wonder
A line in a story which unfolded
Time and time again
Renewed once more at the setting of the sun

But it would seem
The sky is growing ever dimmer
Eclipsed by the artificial constructs that surround us
Illuminating and revealing the world in which we walk now
But in doing so
Casting the path we prior trod
Into mounting darkness