A Mirror to the World

Your eyes
Have seen so much
Of this world
So much joy and beauty
As well as more than their share of pain

When you look out
You perceive
You analyze
You record
Events and experiences
Unique to you
Often entirely unobserved
By anyone else
Sometimes simply yours in perspective
But always yours nonetheless

And when you speak
Or write
What is conveyed
Acts as a reflection
A mirror to the world
And those who listen
Or read
Are granted by extension
A rare gift
To see what you have seen
As you have seen them
To contemplate
What it is to be
To live
Beyond the self


I Have Heard Them Say

I have heard them say
You should know your place
You should know
What you are “for”
Fools, every one
For they do not know
Do not realize
That there is not such simple means
For defining what is inherent within
We all are born
Wet and alone
Searching soon for
Legs on which to stand
Words with which to speak

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