In All Things

In all things

The blade of grass
The drop of dew

The girl on the other side of the world who does not know
How much she really means
But will soon
Even if she forgets again soon after

In all things

And a potential for it to go out
Just the same as for it to grow
Than that which shines from the burning star
Around which we turn

In all things

A voice
A song that has been sung
For many years
And will continue
Long after we all have passed

In all things

I am
But a passing breeze
A leaf
Which is carried thusly
To fall and break apart
To return once more

In all things



I Am, Then I Am Not

I am seated
At the head of the table
In an establishment which exceeds the standard fare my family is accustomed to

I am seated

I am dressed
In a fine blue suit with my favorite tie
Surrounded by my family and directly opposite my sister’s partner of whose character I am uncertain

I am seated
I am dressed

I am sipping
Sipping periodically
From a drink which is made to taste as if it contains what it does not

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping

I am listening
To my grandmother
As she recalls memories from when her and my grandfather first wed

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening

I am remembering
Of a will which is not my own
Similar stories which I once told with passion and zeal

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening
I am remembering

I am trying
With a grieving heart
To forget how once I imagined myself telling such stories in such settings many years from now

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening
I am remembering
I am trying

I am lost
To the void of unrelenting time
My visage inhabited by a figure I do not recognize even in the cleanest of reflective surfaces

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening
I am remembering
I am trying
I am lost

I am
Then I am not
As I l dissolve into the lights and the sounds and my mind goes blank

I am
Then I am not
At once
In balance in between
To see which way I fall

May This Year Your Peace be Found

On this Christmas night
The stars are shining bright
The moon is full and beaming down
A healthy cheer is all around
The sound of song is in the air
We gather round to show we care
The snow is falling from the sky
Drifting down from up so high
The tree is lit and all aglow
Pulsing colors smooth and slow
So to everyone from all
May this year, your peace be found

Winter Kisses

Hopes and wishes
Winter kisses
Snowflakes in your hair

Pine and holly
Spirits jolly
Good will in the air

Each year this season
Another reason
For time with those we love

As stars shine bright
All through the night
Their light falls from above

So be of good cheer
As we gather here
In the fire’s warming glow

Should your heart ever stray
Think back to this day
And you will always know

Oh, For the Innocence

Oh, for the innocence
Of the days we left behind
I’d gladly give all I have learned
For such a peace of mind

Oh, for the sense of self
The assured inherent truth
I’d give all that I have acquired
To give it back to you

Oh, for the endless hours spent
Pursuing life and love
I’d give the days, the years between
For just a minute of

Oh, for the child that lives within
The one I oft neglect
I’d give my mature ways
To give him self-respect

Oh, how the things we took for granted
Shine in retrospect
How I would give all I can see
To make what’s gone wrong correct

You Will Shine

Even the most simple stone
At first glance
Of little value and without distinction
Carries with it a history
Rich and intricate
Told in striations and composition
Layers upon layers
Each one unique
And filled with memories
Pain and sorrow
Joy and celebration
Captured and displayed without restraint
But so easily overlooked
At times ignored entirely
In favor of objects more pleasing to the eye
Or cast without regard
Into the shadow-filled depths of the uncaring sea
To be swept away
Dashed upon banks and beaches filled
With so many millions of others
Tossed about by forces beyond their control
Until at last
The tides and constant collisions
Have worn away the rough edges
Slowly smoothing out the surface layers
Polishing to a fine sheen
And in doing so
Revealing a beauty that was prior unrealized
To shine like a gem
Upon sun-strewn shores

You are as a stone
Caught as it were
In the throes of a turbulent world

You may feel
As though there is no hope
As if you can go no further
For what have you to gain?
What have you to show?

But you must hold on
For you are filled
With a beauty beyond compare
And in time
These trials will expose in you
The life and energy that has been dormant all these years

When you have been freed at last
The tumult and the fray
Your journey will be complete
You will find your place under the brilliant glow
And you will shine

This Storm

This storm
Has raged for so long
Beating down on the worn and weary roof
Uprooting trees and power lines
Leaving only ruin in its wake
And you have held strong
Throughout the deluge

But to give in
Is not always to give up

Now I do believe
It is time
To pry the boards from the windows
To let the rain soak through
Wash away
This stagnant air
And all that has accumulated over the years
Setting you free
Setting you on a course
Out of this endless storm
And into the world once more

On Love and On Marriage – A Collaboration, Part 2

The piece below is part two in a collaboration between myself and the very gifted poet Thought for Change, of the blog The Rendezvous Club. This piece was written over a period of time through various communications revolving around a Q/A about fear, love, and marriage.

The text on the left was written by Though for Change. The text on the right was written by me.

I have known love
In the movements of
The trees at night
In the light provided
By sun and moon alike
One in the same
But different nonetheless
I have known love
In the kiss of a stranger’s lips
In the warm embrace
Of a kindred soul

Love does not define
Love embellishes
Bringing forth from life
And into life
Substance from
A stirring that lies beneath
The warmth that resides within
Every heart and hand
Every soul and wayward glance

How I long to know love
How I have searched
The words of so many
For some semblance of
What I cannot quite grasp
With arms or hands
What can only be briefly understood
Deep within

I believe in myths and fairy-tale
I believe that skies are red and
Darkness is green and that
Waves in the ocean are transparent yellow
And just like that I believe in love.
I believe that it exists and
The world condenses to form love.

There have been moments
Lifetimes even
Where love and life spoke as one
Where vows were made and unions formed
Where joy was abundant
And possibility flowed
Both in the waking hours
As well as within
Dreams of so much more

These moments have passed in time
And the nature of memory is such
That shadows form
And light bends around
Areas where pain now resides
Where the laws of equal exchange
No longer govern
And which restless hearts have long abandoned

But hope remains
Each new dawn brings possibility
And hearts heal
In time
Waiting only for
Love to spring forth
Patient in repose
But restless with anticipation

Crossing hands and holding them
Vowing never to part
A silver thread from the heart
Tied a knot around
Bonded by the thread
They walked down the aisle
Expecting this bond to last
For the vows said not to part
But what if the thread is cut
What if the heart that was one
Now separated from the soul
Blind in Love then they was
Now slowly slowly see
Looking slowly slowly inside each other
Now their love turned blind!

I believe that anything is possible
That even legends are steeped in truth
That the sky is boundless and far in the distance there are flames
That the black of the shadows holds tight to every color
And that, laying just beneath the surface of the ocean’s Azure waters
You can look up and see the sun shining through the clear, crystal waves

I believe that words hold power
And as such
Those with the gifts to speak and transcribe them
Wield immense capabilities
To define for themselves
And for those who will listen
What is
And what is not


They say love is patient
That it relies not on sight
But on something more
Something deep
Beneath the skin and beneath even the veins and ventricles
That it resides not in the minutes and the hours, the days or the weeks
But in the years

So often
We are quick to make decisions
Thinking them correct and perhaps they are so
But only in the moment they are made
And by the time we have realized how much further they extend
It is too late

Days Like These

This piece is a collaboration with the ever-elusive Blackbird of the blog Wandering Thoughts. Text on the left (prompt) was written by Blackbird, while the text on the right (response) was written by Auroraboros. Enjoy!

Days like these
We realize just how quickly
Not only the days pass,
But the months and years as well.
How many sunrises,
How many sunsets?
How many dreams
Lost in the sands of time,
Outgrown or evolved?
As the days pass
I find there are
Just not enough hours
Of light and energy
Supplied to each day.

Days like these
I remember just how quickly
All of the days fell away
Before I understood how much each one could mean
How many late night revelries
How many lazy mornings slept away
How many dreams
Placed on a shelf
Because if it is possible now
It will be just as much so tomorrow
And tomorrow will surely come with the same promises
Only by that time
I will be ready for it


I learned to wake with the sun
And return to sleep before it left the sky
Restful and ready
Striving to achieve
To make manifest my dreams

But now

I have learned that there is space between
That some days it is okay to sleep well into the morning hours
To rise with the woman who lays at my side
To leave behind at times my obligations and worries
That we might see what lies beyond the state lines

I think

Life is so short
Even though some days it might feel longer than it needs to be
Each one different than the last
But similar in so many of the most difficult ways
And even though we learn the value of the years as the come and go
They do so with increasing rapidity it seems
Fleeing our embrace

I know

It can feel as if there is never enough
Like the days are but a cruel joke
Teasing with the promise of opportunity
But allowing only glimpses
In the hours we are allotted
But I promise
There is so much to be achieved
In even the seconds and minutes as they pass
In silent meditations on the sound of buzzing lights
In observation of the wind blowing patterns in the roadside grass
Beauty and meaning abound
But the perceived complexity of happiness hides the truth
Masking the simplicity of contentment
With obscure desires and driven wants

I beg of you

Stop and listen
Stand and observe
There are so many hundreds of stories told every passing second
Right in your very presence
And you are a part of them
All you need to do is be present