In All Things

In all things

The blade of grass
The drop of dew

The girl on the other side of the world who does not know
How much she really means
But will soon
Even if she forgets again soon after

In all things

And a potential for it to go out
Just the same as for it to grow
Than that which shines from the burning star
Around which we turn

In all things

A voice
A song that has been sung
For many years
And will continue
Long after we all have passed

In all things

I am
But a passing breeze
A leaf
Which is carried thusly
To fall and break apart
To return once more

In all things



The Hum of a City Waiting

So the day has passed
And now I sit
Resting in the comfort and stillness of the night air
As shadows move across the ceiling above
As the walls hold strong in their resolve to remain

I listen
To the gentle sound of the wind
And can hear as well
Passing cars
And the hum of a city waiting

The Flapping of the Smallest Feather Wings

The outcome of the daily weather does not depend entirely upon
The gusts of wind which carry over the oceans and seas
From the turning of the Earth
And the centrifugal force of its incredible mass
There are the most minute imperfections
Of beasts and of individuals
That shift the balance ever so slightly
But ever so crucially
The flapping of the smallest feather wings
Twisting in time
Across open plains many miles away

For every action
There is an equal and opposite reaction
A shifting in the universe in which the change occurs
Which ripples out
As a wave
Interacting with
Cancelling out and strengthening
Other waves and particles

We are responsible
Each and every one
For the impact that we have
On the environment and the lives we interact with
As our choices
Reach out far beyond ourselves
Into other worlds
Into other stories
Like extensions of ourselves
Through which we experience
The world around us

You Are Always Near

My darling though there have been times
When your body is not here
I know I’m never quite alone
For you are always near

I hear you in the blowing wind
Which dances with the trees
I see your smile in the sun
Which filters through the leaves

When rain or snow fall from the sky
I fear not for the weather
I am kept warm by the memories
Of times we’ve spent together

So though there may surely be days
Where we are kept apart
I know you’ll always be with me
In my head and in my heart

A Warmth Remains

There is a cold
Which pierces every layer
Finding flesh
And chilling
Right to the bone

There is a cold as well
Which finds its way through all defenses
Bereft a source
Undefined in destination
But pervasive in all

There is no motion
No gale on which the chill arrives
It is a still cold
A cold inherent
A cold which simply is

As a result
There is a numbness which spreads
Directionless and formless both
To every corner of this space
And yet…
A warmth remains

Disperse, O Thoughts Within My Head

Disperse, o thoughts within my head
I’ve no time for you
I must leave bed

The sun is up now in the sky
It’s gone to work
And so must I

Disperse, o thoughts within my mind
I’ve better ways
To spend my time

The wind blows snowflakes to and fro
It moves so fast
And I must go

Disperse, o thoughts of useless yearning
There are important skills
I must be learning

The river flows from spring to ocean
It never rests
I stay in motion

Disperse, o thoughts of awe and wonder
I’ve treasure troves
To find and plunder

The stones have stood the test of time
They’ve hold their own
As I’ll hold mine

Disperse, o thoughts within my head
There will be time enough
When I am dead

We Were Born of Fire and Ash

We were born of fire and ash
Rising from the dust of a former fate
To take once more
To the skies of life, material
Lifted on the eternal currents
Of time and space
As it were
In the distance between
Moments far removed
Searching for
In the ambiguous flow
Of then and thereafter
Until the breeze has calmed
And we settle once more