An Elusive Clarity

The dying sun
Casts the city skyline into a crimson hue
And for a moment
Everything else fades away
And I am left searching for my lungs
Searching for the feeling I know is there
But cannot quite place into words
A sentimental sort of glow
That makes its way through my body
From my head all the way down
Into the base of my being

I return
Climbing the hill out of downtown
And back to the place that I call home
Aware once more
Of all the ugly pieces of life I try to forget
Aware that I am still so far away
That everyone else is even further
And that nothing real exists in this twilight age

But I have lived another day
And soon I will rest once more
Content at least in knowing
That not everything is grey and dead
As I am sometimes led to believe
But rather
That the world is filled with secrets and hidden beauty
Sunsets which may elicit moments of wonder
And even the melancholic recession thereof
From which is derived
An elusive clarity
Restoring balance
That I might not be lost to but rather reflect on
What has been
So that what is still to come may be enjoyed just the same

In the Dark of Night

In darker moments
It is hard to see
Beyond the shadows
Which fill the room
Crawling out
From every corner
From beneath the furniture
Falling from the ceiling and pouring out over the carved wooden molding that lines the walls

Fear is born of uncertainty
Of what we cannot see
Far more than what we can
For a threat unknown
Is a threat we do not understand

So we wait
Silent and motionless
For the light to return once more
For our surroundings to be restored
Clarity in illumination
As the black of night recedes
Hoping only
That our fear will subside with it

When the Storm is Over

When the storm is over
And deep blue skies are beginning to break on the horizon
It would be easy to believe
That there is nothing left for you to do
Other than to wait
Hopeless and defeated
Until the next storm comes through

But it is in these moments
When the worst lies behind us
That we are able to see with clarity
The damage that has been done
And we are able to assess
The value of what has been lost
As well as what can still be restored
And what must be re-enforced

For though there will doubtlessly be dark days ahead
Which may come unannounced and with little warning
You can
And will
And with time
And patience
You can learn to thrive just the same
That true value does not lie
In objects or lifestyles
In expectations or familiar routines

True value lies within
As an integral part of who you are
For you are more precious than anything else
More than structures and foundations and possessions accrued over time
Which may be lost in strong winds or heavy rains

You are resilient in spirit
Endowed with the gift of persistence and inherent worth
You have weathered many storms before
And will weather many more
Each time
That much more prepared for what comes next
That much more aware of how far you have come
More aware of what has been left in the past
As well as what was been retained

When the storm is over
And all may be lost
So long as you remain
There is still hope

On the Remnants of What Has Come Before

So now we move
From the warmth of summer days
To the cool chill of autumn evenings
As the leaves on the trees begin to lose their color
And fall to the Earth once more

We proceed
Hand in hand
Towards a new horizon
Each and every day
Leaving behind
The seasons that have passed
For those that still are yet to come

I have waited
So long
For someone with whom I can share
The beauties of a setting sun
The calm serenity of a quiet night
And the restorative energy of the returning morning light

I hope and pray
That the winds of tomorrow
Will rustle
Not only the dead leaves that litter the ground
But also the dead memories that lie strewn
Across the foundation of our fragile hearts

And with winter’s freeze
These things will cease to be
Blanketed in layers of soft snow
For the thaw of the coming spring
That the sun may fall again
On the now fertile beds
And new life might rise
On the remnants of what has come before