As Grey Clouds Fill the Sky

Empty hours
Sleeping while the sun shines
Lead to long and restless nights
While the moon is high

The stars are bright
But they are obscured
As grey clouds fill the sky
And darkness abounds


The Light that Has Always Been Shining Down

The sun is always shining
Whether it falls unobstructed through clear blue skies
Or comes down obscured by clouds and intermittent objects

Some days
It is hard to remember that the sun still burns
That there is anything but the grey
The fog of daily life filling our lives
Pouring over and into our very foundation
Into the cracks in the stones
And the space which lies between

We must remember
That there is a new day waiting
That the condensation will not remain
That the fog will lift
And we will see clearly once more
The light that has always been shining down
Even when we cannot see it

Days Like These

This piece is a collaboration with the ever-elusive Blackbird of the blog Wandering Thoughts. Text on the left (prompt) was written by Blackbird, while the text on the right (response) was written by Auroraboros. Enjoy!

Days like these
We realize just how quickly
Not only the days pass,
But the months and years as well.
How many sunrises,
How many sunsets?
How many dreams
Lost in the sands of time,
Outgrown or evolved?
As the days pass
I find there are
Just not enough hours
Of light and energy
Supplied to each day.

Days like these
I remember just how quickly
All of the days fell away
Before I understood how much each one could mean
How many late night revelries
How many lazy mornings slept away
How many dreams
Placed on a shelf
Because if it is possible now
It will be just as much so tomorrow
And tomorrow will surely come with the same promises
Only by that time
I will be ready for it


I learned to wake with the sun
And return to sleep before it left the sky
Restful and ready
Striving to achieve
To make manifest my dreams

But now

I have learned that there is space between
That some days it is okay to sleep well into the morning hours
To rise with the woman who lays at my side
To leave behind at times my obligations and worries
That we might see what lies beyond the state lines

I think

Life is so short
Even though some days it might feel longer than it needs to be
Each one different than the last
But similar in so many of the most difficult ways
And even though we learn the value of the years as the come and go
They do so with increasing rapidity it seems
Fleeing our embrace

I know

It can feel as if there is never enough
Like the days are but a cruel joke
Teasing with the promise of opportunity
But allowing only glimpses
In the hours we are allotted
But I promise
There is so much to be achieved
In even the seconds and minutes as they pass
In silent meditations on the sound of buzzing lights
In observation of the wind blowing patterns in the roadside grass
Beauty and meaning abound
But the perceived complexity of happiness hides the truth
Masking the simplicity of contentment
With obscure desires and driven wants

I beg of you

Stop and listen
Stand and observe
There are so many hundreds of stories told every passing second
Right in your very presence
And you are a part of them
All you need to do is be present


Do seeds long for the soil in which their mothers set their roots?
Or, does any fertile earth give sustenance as home and kin?
So easily we forget the source, the foundation from which we first embarked.
Eyes set on the horizon, we seek to set down roots all our own,
Oft overlooking the networks in place far before we knew the sweet smell of fresh turned bedding.
Deep beneath, in the end; song of dove and swan just the same.
These substrates forgive but do not forget.

The feeling of returning to your bed when you’re sick on a weekday at 11:54 AM,
And you just used the last of your energy to get home and crawl under the covers.
Taking off your flippers underwater in the summertime,
Or your socks after a long walk.
We go, out of adventure or necessity or longing, but when we leave
We gain a small discomfort, that only returning home can relieve.

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