My dear,
Do you not understand,
Your value is inherent;
There is nothing can define your worth,
In your heart it is apparent.

The way you smile,
The way you laugh,
The way you view the world around you
Each little thing that makes you “you”
Makes me so glad I’ve found you.

I care for you,
Just as you are,
And I will always stand beside you.
But darling,
You must learn to love yourself
And know your value is inside you.

For the fuel burns and the world turns
Whether it does so with or without you,
And yes, there are people and things
That do not care about you.

What matters most
Is that you know
You matter and you are worth knowing.
Not for the work you do,
But because you’re you,
Still learning and still growing.


You Are Always Near

My darling though there have been times
When your body is not here
I know I’m never quite alone
For you are always near

I hear you in the blowing wind
Which dances with the trees
I see your smile in the sun
Which filters through the leaves

When rain or snow fall from the sky
I fear not for the weather
I am kept warm by the memories
Of times we’ve spent together

So though there may surely be days
Where we are kept apart
I know you’ll always be with me
In my head and in my heart

And That is Enough

There are days
Where I feel
As if I have nothing left
Nothing left that is my own
Nothing left to hold close
Nothing left to give
But then I am reminded
That even were that true
And all that I possess were to fade away
I have you
Not as a trivial thing to be owned
But as a partner with whom I am able to share
My life
And my love
And who shares with me
A love rich and deep
Not as mine alone
But rather as a song
Of which I am grateful to bear audience to
And that is enough


Woke up tired
So long
So long ago
Been so many nights
Sleeping alone
How many more
Don’t really know

Just want to say
Don’t know what to say
Wish it weren’t this way
Wish it weren’t today

I’ve been walking steady
But I am going nowhere
I’ve been getting ready
For what?
I don’t know, nor care
You’ve been in my head
But there’s not anyone else there
I’ve been feeling dead
But I still feel like I have something to lose
Is it true?
If so, what do I need to do?
To prove
That life is a choice
I want to choose it
With you

A broken record still plays a tune
A barred window still lets the light through
Your heart may feel barren
And mine at times too
But that doesn’t mean anything
How I wish that you knew
I may be tired
But my dear I’m not tired of you

The Passage of Time

Oh, how relentless, the passage of time
As leaves once green with the warmth of the summer sun now fade and fall
And a chill pervades the air we draw from the dim stillness

How I remember the days we first shared
The crisp crackle of frozen snow beneath our feet
And the howling of the winds
Mirroring as it were
The tundra that lay within our hearts

Then how the seasons changed
And with time
The ice gave way to streams and then to falling rain
Which nourished the soil to produce grass and green and life once more
Soon to flourish in the heat and sun of the summer months
Just as our love would spring from the fertile earth of the time we spent
Sharing our thoughts and dreams
Beneath the same bright sun

Now as we move once more
To the depth of winter
May our hearts remain lit
May we remember
That we have weathered storms of hail and sleet
Just the same as warm rain and bright lightning

May we hold close what we have gained
And mourn not what is no longer
For there will always be days of cold and darkness
Just as there will always be redemption in the return of the warmer months

My love for you will not fade as the falling leaves
It will not grow dim with the shortening of the days
I will not grow cold, though the air and earth beneath our feet may freeze
Time may pass
But my love for you will remain

Passion Pulse

Do you still feel it
The passion pulse
The glow from within
Beckoning us closer
Drawing our breaths to heated shivers
Sending waves of anticipation across our eager skin
As wild eyes
Search without restraint

How I long to hold
Your fragile form
To breathe deep the fragrance
That exudes from deep beneath the surface
As your presence washes over mine
Taking with it
All I have to give

Come What May, We Will Remain

Now it is dark once more
And the path ahead
Is no longer clear
But I will continue
I will move forward
Guided by
All that I know
As well as
An awareness
Of all that I do not
For I have caught a glimpse
Of what awaits
Just beyond
Our current position
And though I do not know
Exactly what lies in store
I am certain
That you will be there also
By my side
And where you are
Is where I wish to be

So together
We will step into these shadows
Come what may
We will remain.

On the Remnants of What Has Come Before

So now we move
From the warmth of summer days
To the cool chill of autumn evenings
As the leaves on the trees begin to lose their color
And fall to the Earth once more

We proceed
Hand in hand
Towards a new horizon
Each and every day
Leaving behind
The seasons that have passed
For those that still are yet to come

I have waited
So long
For someone with whom I can share
The beauties of a setting sun
The calm serenity of a quiet night
And the restorative energy of the returning morning light

I hope and pray
That the winds of tomorrow
Will rustle
Not only the dead leaves that litter the ground
But also the dead memories that lie strewn
Across the foundation of our fragile hearts

And with winter’s freeze
These things will cease to be
Blanketed in layers of soft snow
For the thaw of the coming spring
That the sun may fall again
On the now fertile beds
And new life might rise
On the remnants of what has come before

You Are So

You are so
But you are also so

Life is hard sometimes
It doesn’t wait
It doesn’t care
About context
About pain
About how much you can take
Before you break

Moves forward
Or without us
It may feel like it moves right through us
Like we aren’t even there
Like we are inconsequential

But you are more than the sum of your time
You are of great consequence
Loved and needed
For though life moves quickly
And it is easy to think that your life is without meaning
In the grand scheme that unfolds
Nothing is without reason
Without purpose
As time is like a great tapestry
And could not exist without each strand
Tied tightly
Holding everything together
As delicate in its intricacy
As any individual thread in its simplicity

Remember this
Remember these simple truths
You are loved
You are appreciated
You are needed
And always will be