Something To Call Mine

Sunset, sunrise
The day;
Colliding with the night.
The light, the skies
The fire in your eyes
Burned bright
While I
Was standing by your side
Eyes wide
You looked at me and sighed
And said
Let’s give this thing a try”
I died
In that period of time
Then was
Still not quite alive
But tied
At least
To something that just might
A will in me to fight
To strive
A drive
A goal to keep in mind
To bind
A treasure, still inclined
To find
Hold high
Something to call mine


And That is Enough

There are days
Where I feel
As if I have nothing left
Nothing left that is my own
Nothing left to hold close
Nothing left to give
But then I am reminded
That even were that true
And all that I possess were to fade away
I have you
Not as a trivial thing to be owned
But as a partner with whom I am able to share
My life
And my love
And who shares with me
A love rich and deep
Not as mine alone
But rather as a song
Of which I am grateful to bear audience to
And that is enough


Woke up tired
So long
So long ago
Been so many nights
Sleeping alone
How many more
Don’t really know

Just want to say
Don’t know what to say
Wish it weren’t this way
Wish it weren’t today

I’ve been walking steady
But I am going nowhere
I’ve been getting ready
For what?
I don’t know, nor care
You’ve been in my head
But there’s not anyone else there
I’ve been feeling dead
But I still feel like I have something to lose
Is it true?
If so, what do I need to do?
To prove
That life is a choice
I want to choose it
With you

A broken record still plays a tune
A barred window still lets the light through
Your heart may feel barren
And mine at times too
But that doesn’t mean anything
How I wish that you knew
I may be tired
But my dear I’m not tired of you

In the Light, Seeing Only the Shadows

The world around me is aglow
In a golden hue
And I find contentment
In the simple truths
The little moments
And the grandiosities
All the same
But there are still hours
Weeks at times
Where my attention is drawn
To the shadows which fall
Across the otherwise luminous landscape
Cast by any of the numerous features that line the horizon at all times
Features which may have been since the very Earth itself rose up to meet the sky
Magnified at will by the angle at which the light falls
Whether immense or insignificant in size
The sharp contrast draws them out just the same
And I am left standing
In the light
Seeing only the shadows

Oh, For the Innocence

Oh, for the innocence
Of the days we left behind
I’d gladly give all I have learned
For such a peace of mind

Oh, for the sense of self
The assured inherent truth
I’d give all that I have acquired
To give it back to you

Oh, for the endless hours spent
Pursuing life and love
I’d give the days, the years between
For just a minute of

Oh, for the child that lives within
The one I oft neglect
I’d give my mature ways
To give him self-respect

Oh, how the things we took for granted
Shine in retrospect
How I would give all I can see
To make what’s gone wrong correct

Disperse, O Thoughts Within My Head

Disperse, o thoughts within my head
I’ve no time for you
I must leave bed

The sun is up now in the sky
It’s gone to work
And so must I

Disperse, o thoughts within my mind
I’ve better ways
To spend my time

The wind blows snowflakes to and fro
It moves so fast
And I must go

Disperse, o thoughts of useless yearning
There are important skills
I must be learning

The river flows from spring to ocean
It never rests
I stay in motion

Disperse, o thoughts of awe and wonder
I’ve treasure troves
To find and plunder

The stones have stood the test of time
They’ve hold their own
As I’ll hold mine

Disperse, o thoughts within my head
There will be time enough
When I am dead

So Much Likes Strands of Straw

The moments that compose our lives
So much like strands of straw
And how hard we try
To keep the pieces collected in one place so nicely
Not bound so tight as to restrict their natural inclinations to remain distinct
Neither left to float at the whim of the wind

Sometimes I
Grow so tired of keeping them all together
And wonder
What would be left of me
Were I to just let go
And watch the moments

Scattered Over Time

Someday I will die
And all I have known and achieved
Will be left behind
A fragment of life
Scattered over time

Will I cease to be
Or will my memory persist
A spectre left of me
An endless reverie
Destined for entropy

When it sets at last
The sun behind the hills
My shadow remains cast
Embraced in the contrast
Between the future and the past

Sometimes, All We Can Do is Listen

Life can be complex
Even more so when two lives merge
Caring for one’s self is a burden in itself
But supporting another
Comes with challenges
That nothing else can really prepare us for

We try our best
In all of our endeavors
In our own way
With good intentions
Each decision
Made upon a foundation
Of prior knowledge and experience

Even still
There will be times
When we feel like we are inadequate
For the difficulties that arise
Not on the shortcomings of those we love
But in our inability to compensate and adjust

I have so often felt
Utterly useless and powerless
As those I love
Struggle without relief
And I am entirely unable
To be of any help
To be anything more
Than a voice
Misunderstood and mistaken in my efforts

All we can do is listen
Demonstrating and reinforcing
Our love and support
Placing hope where it belongs
In the strength that lies within them
Believing that they can and will access it
And use it
To overcome their difficulties
Placing hope in ourselves
In our patience and our love
Believing that we can overcome our own insecurities
And stand beside them
Waiting without judgement or condemnation
Ready and willing
When needed
To be a friend
To be a partner
To be an ally
In the never-ending battle we wage
Against ourselves