Have You Ever Known…

Have you ever known
A grown man to weep?
It is
A shameful
To witness
As well as to experience.

Have you ever known
An infant to sob late into the night?
It is
A tragedy
Of cosmic (comic?) proportions.

Have you ever known
A pachyderm to mourn
The passing of another,
The loss
Of a child
O the child of another?
It breaks
Even the coldest of walls
Just as crisp ice
Atop small puddles in the parkway.

On a Sunday Morning in October

There is a soul sickness in the church.

I can smell it on them
As they stumble in to the American Legion on Burma Ave
And proceed to verbally and emotionally abuse the serving staff
Then retreat to their huddled circles
To debate whether their all-encompassing love
Could ever be extended to those whose values differ
From the interpretation they have taken of words spoken by a man (?) much wiser than they could ever comprehend.

In All Things

In all things

The blade of grass
The drop of dew

The girl on the other side of the world who does not know
How much she really means
But will soon
Even if she forgets again soon after

In all things

And a potential for it to go out
Just the same as for it to grow
Than that which shines from the burning star
Around which we turn

In all things

A voice
A song that has been sung
For many years
And will continue
Long after we all have passed

In all things

I am
But a passing breeze
A leaf
Which is carried thusly
To fall and break apart
To return once more

In all things