To Not Be Filled with Wonder

Inspired by the poem Not to Wonder by Tornadoday.

To not be filled with wonder
When staring up at the starry skies above
When looking out at the great expanse and seeing only light
In all directions
So fast
And yet so slowly
As representations of long-dead distant worlds float ceaselessly through empty space
Waiting to be discovered
Waiting to be seen
And experienced
To be known
And therefor to have existed

To not be filled with upmost awe
When gazing down through focused glass
When observing clearly a tiny realm and revealing only chance
And strings
That extend in all directions
And yet with such precision
Carving representations of possibilities limitless and relatively absurd in nature
Waiting to be observed
Waiting to be recorded
And understood
To be known
And therefor to have existed


All the World Waits

All the world waits
For you
Though surely there are times
Where it may feel
Like it is just beyond your reach
A realm unto itself
To be observed
But not to be interacted with

Know this
That you are
Not alone

There is so much that is not understood
About this place which we call home
So many facets of life
That are utterly beyond comprehension
From the grand and marvelous
To the seemingly mundane

Even the stars themselves
Which shine so bright in the stars above
Once thought to be fixed points of pure light
Infinite and absolute
Are but decomposing remnants
Scattered across great expanses of empty space
Many long dead
Remembered only by their lingering echoes

Our impact on those around us
Is not always clear
Nor can it be easily defined
By what we can immediately understand
And we are left to wonder
What purpose we serve

But just as the stars above
Though surely someday we will fade
Our legacy remains

Where We Fit In

There is no sky above
No Earth below
Just space
Collapsing and expanding
Flowing through
All of objects and the distance between them
Each and every corner
Until there is nothing to separate
The black from the white
The light from the darkness
The shadows of night
From the glow of the day

We are but an audience
Seeking only to know
Where we fit in

Something To Call Mine

Sunset, sunrise
The day;
Colliding with the night.
The light, the skies
The fire in your eyes
Burned bright
While I
Was standing by your side
Eyes wide
You looked at me and sighed
And said
Let’s give this thing a try”
I died
In that period of time
Then was
Still not quite alive
But tied
At least
To something that just might
A will in me to fight
To strive
A drive
A goal to keep in mind
To bind
A treasure, still inclined
To find
Hold high
Something to call mine

I Am, Then I Am Not

I am seated
At the head of the table
In an establishment which exceeds the standard fare my family is accustomed to

I am seated

I am dressed
In a fine blue suit with my favorite tie
Surrounded by my family and directly opposite my sister’s partner of whose character I am uncertain

I am seated
I am dressed

I am sipping
Sipping periodically
From a drink which is made to taste as if it contains what it does not

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping

I am listening
To my grandmother
As she recalls memories from when her and my grandfather first wed

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening

I am remembering
Of a will which is not my own
Similar stories which I once told with passion and zeal

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening
I am remembering

I am trying
With a grieving heart
To forget how once I imagined myself telling such stories in such settings many years from now

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening
I am remembering
I am trying

I am lost
To the void of unrelenting time
My visage inhabited by a figure I do not recognize even in the cleanest of reflective surfaces

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening
I am remembering
I am trying
I am lost

I am
Then I am not
As I l dissolve into the lights and the sounds and my mind goes blank

I am
Then I am not
At once
In balance in between
To see which way I fall

With a Breath

Smoke curls gently from the end of a lit cigarette
Hanging in the air
The light filtering slowly through
As the clouds drift aimlessly in the open air
Before falling softly to the floor below

For a moment
I am lost
My mind captured in the swirling smoke
Twisting and floating
Moving aimlessly against minimal resistance

With a breath
An orange glow fills the air
And I return

Winter Kisses

Hopes and wishes
Winter kisses
Snowflakes in your hair

Pine and holly
Spirits jolly
Good will in the air

Each year this season
Another reason
For time with those we love

As stars shine bright
All through the night
Their light falls from above

So be of good cheer
As we gather here
In the fire’s warming glow

Should your heart ever stray
Think back to this day
And you will always know