Waiting to Be

There was a time when our dreams
Were just within reach
There was nothing that could not be accomplished
Nothing we could not attain
And all that stood between
What is and what could be
Was our own imagination

Now so many days have passed
And it can feel
Like all we have acquired
Is an emptiness that slowly grows
Fed by our desires
And the perception we have
That they cannot be met

Our hearts grow tired
And we are worn thin
Sleeping later and later each day
Looking out the window
And thinking only of opportunities missed
Rather than seeing
Those that still await

And resentment thrive
In fertile beds of broken promises
Nourished by doubt
And diminished expectations
As we see only what could have been
Ignoring what still could be

For I have learned
And am learning still
That opportunity abounds
In each and every minute
That though we may fail
Or even fail to act
There is always hope

So long as we do not give up
So long as we persist
We can still dream
And those dreams are within reach
For in each minute there are endless possibilities
Just waiting
Waiting to be


A Purpose to Be Earned

You keep searching for the answers
But the answers aren’t enough
What good is searching for the answers
When the questions never stop?

There is something in the silence
The moments in between
The words that leave out of your mouth
And the visions to be seen.

What if what you’re really seeking
Isn’t answers to be learned
But rather a reason to keep asking them
A purpose to be earned.

Oh, For the Innocence

Oh, for the innocence
Of the days we left behind
I’d gladly give all I have learned
For such a peace of mind

Oh, for the sense of self
The assured inherent truth
I’d give all that I have acquired
To give it back to you

Oh, for the endless hours spent
Pursuing life and love
I’d give the days, the years between
For just a minute of

Oh, for the child that lives within
The one I oft neglect
I’d give my mature ways
To give him self-respect

Oh, how the things we took for granted
Shine in retrospect
How I would give all I can see
To make what’s gone wrong correct

Oh, To Feel

Oh, to feel
Once more
As we did

To be awash
In the mindless bliss of youthful ignorance
The dangers which lurk
In every warm embrace and sideways glance

Oh, to feel
Anything else
But this empty echo
And a distaste for myself

How quickly we grow
Numb and cold
Distant and alone
Listening with misplaced trust
To the voices that come from within
Telling us
That nothing is ever as it seems
That nothing can ever be achieved
By reaching for our dreams

But we have learned
And are learning still
To find ourselves
In the absence of ambivalent ambiguity
To speak with our own voice
And decide for ourselves who we listen to
What we choose to believe
What we choose to pursue
And the feelings we allow to carry forward
As well as those we allow to fall away
For better
Or for worse

Days Like These

This piece is a collaboration with the ever-elusive Blackbird of the blog Wandering Thoughts. Text on the left (prompt) was written by Blackbird, while the text on the right (response) was written by Auroraboros. Enjoy!

Days like these
We realize just how quickly
Not only the days pass,
But the months and years as well.
How many sunrises,
How many sunsets?
How many dreams
Lost in the sands of time,
Outgrown or evolved?
As the days pass
I find there are
Just not enough hours
Of light and energy
Supplied to each day.

Days like these
I remember just how quickly
All of the days fell away
Before I understood how much each one could mean
How many late night revelries
How many lazy mornings slept away
How many dreams
Placed on a shelf
Because if it is possible now
It will be just as much so tomorrow
And tomorrow will surely come with the same promises
Only by that time
I will be ready for it


I learned to wake with the sun
And return to sleep before it left the sky
Restful and ready
Striving to achieve
To make manifest my dreams

But now

I have learned that there is space between
That some days it is okay to sleep well into the morning hours
To rise with the woman who lays at my side
To leave behind at times my obligations and worries
That we might see what lies beyond the state lines

I think

Life is so short
Even though some days it might feel longer than it needs to be
Each one different than the last
But similar in so many of the most difficult ways
And even though we learn the value of the years as the come and go
They do so with increasing rapidity it seems
Fleeing our embrace

I know

It can feel as if there is never enough
Like the days are but a cruel joke
Teasing with the promise of opportunity
But allowing only glimpses
In the hours we are allotted
But I promise
There is so much to be achieved
In even the seconds and minutes as they pass
In silent meditations on the sound of buzzing lights
In observation of the wind blowing patterns in the roadside grass
Beauty and meaning abound
But the perceived complexity of happiness hides the truth
Masking the simplicity of contentment
With obscure desires and driven wants

I beg of you

Stop and listen
Stand and observe
There are so many hundreds of stories told every passing second
Right in your very presence
And you are a part of them
All you need to do is be present