Even A Little Lost

This piece was written in collaboration with someone who submitted the first piece to me, which truly inspired me in a way I have not been in some time.

Unfortunately, this person did not provide their information so I do not have anything more to credit them with. If you are the author, please let me know and I will give you due credit.

Enjoy the piece, Even a Little Lost.

Unnamed Contributor:
Snowflakes in your skin melting like little rivers.
They are going under your jacket.
You feel confused; even a little lost.
"Why am I here in this winter forest? Why am I watching this beauty alone?"
Your gloves and shoes are warm.
Your path is slippery.
Trying to remember why you came here…
Oh, you tried to calm down your turbulent mind;
I guess it worked,
Being out here in the middle of nowhere.
Snow becomes rain;
Rain gets harder,
like little spikes coming down from the clouds.
It gets wetter, and everything starts melting.
Your heart included…
You are determined:
"It is better to love with ambition unmet,
To love one who is not here,
than not to feel anything at all."
You wonder this
And contemplate your life,
Here in the middle of the forest.
Thoughts are heavy clouds above you.
Branches break and
Pine needles fall to the frozen snow which crackles
Beneath boots tied tight with the laces all the way around
So they don't drag behind
This is a trick you learned from your father
Observing as he tied
Those large, leather work boots
You were certain he loved so much
So much more
Than …
If only you could wind those laces
Around all of the things
That never seem to stay in place
Those which melt like the snow on your cheeks as
Our breathe combines and…
"I have seen the end and it is filled with singing,"
She says,
Without much emotion,
A small twig in her right hand.
The barren end falls to the ground
As she begins to count the needles in the remnant and toss them
Into the grainy tracks left in the snow:
The wind is growing stronger
And now the light of day has faded,
Leaving the tall dark trees to loom above.
She has reached the end of the twig:
"Forty two!"
A smile
As she begins to walk ahead.
It has been a cold journey to this strange place
Where humans have not yet built their monuments to hubris,
And your fingers have lost most of their feeling,
But the alternative would be to stay home,
To sit by the electric fire
And think of all the things that could go wrong.
You slap your hands together and howl
With pain as well as delight;
How good it is to be reminded
That pain
Is better than the numbness that comes
With trying to avoid it.

A Pause

At times
A pause
Is needed
A break
In time
To rest
In the stillness
Reflect upon
What has been
And prepare for
What is yet to come

The sun shines bright
On a world of whistling white drifts and slush-filled alleyways
And on the air
There is a touch of spring
A sense
Of renewal
Of awakening
Of forward progress

We wait
Doors latched
And shades drawn
For the cold to pass
For the days to lengthen
And the sun to fall
In longer periods of time
Upon the frozen ground
Not only the worms and the colonies upon colonies of microscopic lifeforms that lie dormant underground
But also the unbound faces and hands
Of eager lives
Waiting to be lived


You’re so
Every way
Just a stalwart to be
For the better part
Of a century

You kept
So quiet
As every tear drop
Upon the stone

Watch the hands
On the clock
Far above
Turn the day away
As the sun turns
Just the same
‘Round the same
Same old Earth
As it was
As you were

Start to see
What else could be
But maybe not
Not for me

Hood to light
Dark as
Could ever be
Find hands held tight
Pray slow
To remain/to grow
Not to fade
Not to wilt

All Must in Time Flow

The days are washing over
Like so many crashing waves
Each moment passing
Never lasting
Transient as the shadow-casting rays

Just as the water laps the shore
The minutes flood our minds
Inward bleeding
Then receding
Taking with them pieces of our lives

So let us not hold tightly this
Who we are and what we know
Like grains of sand
Out from our hands
All must in time flow

On Love and On Marriage – A Collaboration, Part 2

The piece below is part two in a collaboration between myself and the very gifted poet Thought for Change, of the blog The Rendezvous Club. This piece was written over a period of time through various communications revolving around a Q/A about fear, love, and marriage.

The text on the left was written by Though for Change. The text on the right was written by me.

I have known love
In the movements of
The trees at night
In the light provided
By sun and moon alike
One in the same
But different nonetheless
I have known love
In the kiss of a stranger’s lips
In the warm embrace
Of a kindred soul

Love does not define
Love embellishes
Bringing forth from life
And into life
Substance from
A stirring that lies beneath
The warmth that resides within
Every heart and hand
Every soul and wayward glance

How I long to know love
How I have searched
The words of so many
For some semblance of
What I cannot quite grasp
With arms or hands
What can only be briefly understood
Deep within

I believe in myths and fairy-tale
I believe that skies are red and
Darkness is green and that
Waves in the ocean are transparent yellow
And just like that I believe in love.
I believe that it exists and
The world condenses to form love.

There have been moments
Lifetimes even
Where love and life spoke as one
Where vows were made and unions formed
Where joy was abundant
And possibility flowed
Both in the waking hours
As well as within
Dreams of so much more

These moments have passed in time
And the nature of memory is such
That shadows form
And light bends around
Areas where pain now resides
Where the laws of equal exchange
No longer govern
And which restless hearts have long abandoned

But hope remains
Each new dawn brings possibility
And hearts heal
In time
Waiting only for
Love to spring forth
Patient in repose
But restless with anticipation

Crossing hands and holding them
Vowing never to part
A silver thread from the heart
Tied a knot around
Bonded by the thread
They walked down the aisle
Expecting this bond to last
For the vows said not to part
But what if the thread is cut
What if the heart that was one
Now separated from the soul
Blind in Love then they was
Now slowly slowly see
Looking slowly slowly inside each other
Now their love turned blind!

I believe that anything is possible
That even legends are steeped in truth
That the sky is boundless and far in the distance there are flames
That the black of the shadows holds tight to every color
And that, laying just beneath the surface of the ocean’s Azure waters
You can look up and see the sun shining through the clear, crystal waves

I believe that words hold power
And as such
Those with the gifts to speak and transcribe them
Wield immense capabilities
To define for themselves
And for those who will listen
What is
And what is not


They say love is patient
That it relies not on sight
But on something more
Something deep
Beneath the skin and beneath even the veins and ventricles
That it resides not in the minutes and the hours, the days or the weeks
But in the years

So often
We are quick to make decisions
Thinking them correct and perhaps they are so
But only in the moment they are made
And by the time we have realized how much further they extend
It is too late

On the Remnants of What Has Come Before

So now we move
From the warmth of summer days
To the cool chill of autumn evenings
As the leaves on the trees begin to lose their color
And fall to the Earth once more

We proceed
Hand in hand
Towards a new horizon
Each and every day
Leaving behind
The seasons that have passed
For those that still are yet to come

I have waited
So long
For someone with whom I can share
The beauties of a setting sun
The calm serenity of a quiet night
And the restorative energy of the returning morning light

I hope and pray
That the winds of tomorrow
Will rustle
Not only the dead leaves that litter the ground
But also the dead memories that lie strewn
Across the foundation of our fragile hearts

And with winter’s freeze
These things will cease to be
Blanketed in layers of soft snow
For the thaw of the coming spring
That the sun may fall again
On the now fertile beds
And new life might rise
On the remnants of what has come before

You Are So Far Away

Some nights
Even though you are by my side
You are so far away
At times
I drift
A vessel cast into the sea of self-doubt
Filled with waves of fear
Fear of what lies on that distant horizon
Fear of what mistakes I will make
Fear of the consequences of mistakes made
Fear of losing the things that matter most
Fear of losing you

But that fear is removed
When I look in your eyes
When I run my hands through your silken hair
When I hold you close and feel your soft form pressed against mine

You are my anchor
A gentle breeze to blow me back to safety
And the warm, sandy shores to which I tether my wayward vessel

Thank you.