Always Missing Something

I want to run
Through the dark and into the forest beyond
To keep pace with the coyotes
To ride the columns of air that carry the crows high above the tallest trees

I have never quite felt at home
Here amongst the bright lights and ticking clocks
Always missing

I want to return
To the landscape filled with windy mountaintops and endless prairie
To walk in the cool of night by the light of the stars and pale moon
Far from the humming of LCD screens and the groan of tired automobiles

But I know
That these things are no longer within my reach
And even if they were
No matter where I go
There will always be somewhere else that beckons
There will always be another way of life that seems by far superior to the one I am living
For contentment is a rare
Grasped only with patience and mindful thought
And even the most vast and comprehensive collections of precious objects and memories
Is always bound
By expectations
To reality
Existing in the distance between them
Fated as such to fall short
Always missing

To Tame

It is so easy to forget
That what we tame
Still retains
A part of what made it wild
That we can never quite
Of darkness from
The light
But we can come to appreciate
And see beauty
In both

I believe Antoine had it right
When he spoke
Of establishing ties
Of a reciprocal need
Of finding beauty
In that which may appear to others
Utterly mundane

I too have observed
Likeness within
Fields seated beneath
Golden sun
Though I find you
Not in the lustrous yellow
But rather manifest within
A rich indigo
Deep amethySt unearthed
Or within the crimson tips of
Wings taking flight
To azure skies

I also must pay homage
To the notion
Of responsibility
Not to Expire
Not to be taken lightly
No matter how far we might be
No time is truly wasted
Neither should it should be
Taken for granted
That we spend with those
Whom we love

Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

A while back (sorry, I have been busy as of late…), I was nominated for a Mystery Blogger award by Lawrence Illoc, of the blog Being Bipolar. Trying to break the stigma! ( Though it has taken me longer than I would like to respond, I am very honored by this nomination and accept it as such.

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I Will Wait

How many years have passed this way since I was born anew.
How many second, hours, days but still I don’t know you?
How many mountains, rivers, streams, alike, but none the same?
How many words in thoughts and dreams but none your name contained?
I will wait for you, my love, my sun, the only one I seek
Until my youthful days are done and my body it grows weak,
Until the moon falls from the sky and the sun no longer burns,
Until the birds no longer fly and the earth no longer turns.
If I should pass before we meet and this, my body dies,
Your soul, my darling, mine still will seek; we’ll dance in azure skies.