Never Have I Seen Before

Never have I seen before
A light that shines as yours
What you exude
Cannot be found
In markets or in stores.

The world around you seems to glow
Colors come alive
Time seems to slow
To shimmer
To stop
Your silhouette
In the very light
Which falls around you like snow.

Never have I know before
A love like we have found
The way you never leave my side
Even when you are not around
The way you smile and say hello
The way you do your hair
All the many different ways
You show me that you care.

I love you Darling
And I hope
This year will bring us joy and healing
That we will better share and understand
What both of us are feeling
That we will help each other grow
Together and in our own directions
That we will do our best to listen
To learn through observation and reflection.

I will be there
For you my Love
Whether times are difficult or pleasant
This life is full of so many beautiful things
And I appreciate them so much more when you are present.



My dear,
Do you not understand,
Your value is inherent;
There is nothing can define your worth,
In your heart it is apparent.

The way you smile,
The way you laugh,
The way you view the world around you
Each little thing that makes you “you”
Makes me so glad I’ve found you.

I care for you,
Just as you are,
And I will always stand beside you.
But darling,
You must learn to love yourself
And know your value is inside you.

For the fuel burns and the world turns
Whether it does so with or without you,
And yes, there are people and things
That do not care about you.

What matters most
Is that you know
You matter and you are worth knowing.
Not for the work you do,
But because you’re you,
Still learning and still growing.

You Are Always Near

My darling though there have been times
When your body is not here
I know I’m never quite alone
For you are always near

I hear you in the blowing wind
Which dances with the trees
I see your smile in the sun
Which filters through the leaves

When rain or snow fall from the sky
I fear not for the weather
I am kept warm by the memories
Of times we’ve spent together

So though there may surely be days
Where we are kept apart
I know you’ll always be with me
In my head and in my heart


Woke up tired
So long
So long ago
Been so many nights
Sleeping alone
How many more
Don’t really know

Just want to say
Don’t know what to say
Wish it weren’t this way
Wish it weren’t today

I’ve been walking steady
But I am going nowhere
I’ve been getting ready
For what?
I don’t know, nor care
You’ve been in my head
But there’s not anyone else there
I’ve been feeling dead
But I still feel like I have something to lose
Is it true?
If so, what do I need to do?
To prove
That life is a choice
I want to choose it
With you

A broken record still plays a tune
A barred window still lets the light through
Your heart may feel barren
And mine at times too
But that doesn’t mean anything
How I wish that you knew
I may be tired
But my dear I’m not tired of you

Beyond the Surface

There are some among us who
Possess a sheen
As diamonds
But they are transparent just the same
And their value
Determined as such
Inferred by
The world outside of themselves
Not always inherent in
Fully realized by
Their hearts

There are others who
Despite rough appearance
Contain an inner glow
That outlasts
All others
Often unseen
By wayfarers searching only for
That which can be quickly pocketed
And sold to the highest bidder

As with all of this world
There is a spectrum
And all fall
In between
With varying degrees and
Measurements of
Beauty and
Both internal to
And external of

You, my love
Are a being beyond all reason
For you exist
Outside of the bounds
Of what I am able to describe
Or even understand
For you are sculpted
With the finest of details
Every line and angle
Expertly crafted and composed
A work of art
From the tips of every follicle on your head
To the curled toes I first came to love
In days of cautious caress

But even still
Beyond the surface lies
A vivid array of
Boundless potential and
Passion for
Life and love
Joy and
You brighten even the darkest corners
Of my heart
With just a glance
Or even a memory
Your voice an echo of
A serene source
Common to all
But seldom so concentrated and
Undeniably pure

My darling
To say I love you
Is to stand with open arms
In the warmest summer breeze
Eyes closed and
Dreaming of open air
Hopeless in effect
But well intended
A demonstration of
Innocent optimistic naivety
For I would shout your name into the wind
If only to know that it has been spoken out loud
I would paint your face in the sand
If only to see your visage carved within the earth
All representations of you
And what you mean to me
Utterly priceless
Beyond all measure
For you are so much more
Than can ever be perceived
Or comprehended
You exist
Far above
And deep below
All encompassing
And grand in nature

For I Do Not Walk in Solitude

Most days
I stand tall
Facing the rising sun
With the breeze in my hair
And a gentle hum
Eminating from my heart
Assured of my purpose
And ready
To face each new challenge
That arises
With an optimistic drive
And a passion for living

But then there come
Days like the blackest night
In which I find myself
Utterly lost
Stumbling about
In a world devoid
Any semblance of
Familiar form
Where shadows abound
Each vaguely threatening
But without reason or
Simply a part of
A darker landscape
Filled also with
Ominous waves
Not to wash clean
Rather to overwhelm

But I no longer fear
For I do not walk in solitude
And should I stumble
Or fail to find
Direction or
Motivation to continue
I know that you
Will be there
To guide me home
With whispered words
Of loving reassurance
Not walking for me
But rather
Lending me strength
And vision
To persevere
And find my way

My darling
You should know
My world moves
To the beat of
Your heart
Whether on days of sunlit fortune
Or nights with moonless skies
Your voice is a fixed landmark
To remind me
That perception is deceptive
That there is always hope
Whether or not I can see it