Always Missing Something

I want to run
Through the dark and into the forest beyond
To keep pace with the coyotes
To ride the columns of air that carry the crows high above the tallest trees

I have never quite felt at home
Here amongst the bright lights and ticking clocks
Always missing

I want to return
To the landscape filled with windy mountaintops and endless prairie
To walk in the cool of night by the light of the stars and pale moon
Far from the humming of LCD screens and the groan of tired automobiles

But I know
That these things are no longer within my reach
And even if they were
No matter where I go
There will always be somewhere else that beckons
There will always be another way of life that seems by far superior to the one I am living
For contentment is a rare
Grasped only with patience and mindful thought
And even the most vast and comprehensive collections of precious objects and memories
Is always bound
By expectations
To reality
Existing in the distance between them
Fated as such to fall short
Always missing


Southern Earth Gives Way to Northern Ground

As lines give way
See them fade, yellow to gray
Realize what is meant when people say
There are not enough hours in the day…
Always thought them fools;
Useless words – toys, not tools…
I did not know how they could feel that way.

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To the Light of an Unobstructed Star (Sol)

Born of the same flame
But not quite the same
No longer divided
The unparsed past
The uncertain future
Present in
The present
No longer trying to be
The source
Rather, a conduit for
Secondary light
Accepting this
Your will
Your beautiful face
Smiling once more

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