In something
In anything

I believe
That there is nothing on Earth
Stronger than the power
Of believe

In yourself
Even when others do not
Even when it isn’t easy
When you feel like giving up

I believe
In you
In your ability
To overcome
Whatever challenges may arise

In those who stand behind you
That they do so of their own free will
Out of a firm understanding of your potential

I believe
That there is more
Than meets the eye
In all that is
In all that ever will be

Just believe
And you will find
What you are searching for
You will find


Every Breath a Step Into the Darkness

Each day that passes
We shape ourselves and the world in which we exist
All the while
Shaped just the same
Molded to fit
With each new experience a opportunity
To learn and grow
To discover what it means
To be

Every breath we take
Is a step forward
Into a world of shadows
Our perception a light
Bringing illumination and clarity
To what surrounds us
Revealing where we have been
As well as where we are headed

We can never return
To where we have been
But we can apply what we have come to understand
Always seeking to know more
To prepare ourselves
For what is yet to come
That each day brings challenges we have not yet overcome
As well as accomplishments we will always hold dear
As the darkness gradually fades
Giving way to stories
Composing our journey
Encompassing our lives

You Will Shine

Even the most simple stone
At first glance
Of little value and without distinction
Carries with it a history
Rich and intricate
Told in striations and composition
Layers upon layers
Each one unique
And filled with memories
Pain and sorrow
Joy and celebration
Captured and displayed without restraint
But so easily overlooked
At times ignored entirely
In favor of objects more pleasing to the eye
Or cast without regard
Into the shadow-filled depths of the uncaring sea
To be swept away
Dashed upon banks and beaches filled
With so many millions of others
Tossed about by forces beyond their control
Until at last
The tides and constant collisions
Have worn away the rough edges
Slowly smoothing out the surface layers
Polishing to a fine sheen
And in doing so
Revealing a beauty that was prior unrealized
To shine like a gem
Upon sun-strewn shores

You are as a stone
Caught as it were
In the throes of a turbulent world

You may feel
As though there is no hope
As if you can go no further
For what have you to gain?
What have you to show?

But you must hold on
For you are filled
With a beauty beyond compare
And in time
These trials will expose in you
The life and energy that has been dormant all these years

When you have been freed at last
The tumult and the fray
Your journey will be complete
You will find your place under the brilliant glow
And you will shine

When the Storm is Over

When the storm is over
And deep blue skies are beginning to break on the horizon
It would be easy to believe
That there is nothing left for you to do
Other than to wait
Hopeless and defeated
Until the next storm comes through

But it is in these moments
When the worst lies behind us
That we are able to see with clarity
The damage that has been done
And we are able to assess
The value of what has been lost
As well as what can still be restored
And what must be re-enforced

For though there will doubtlessly be dark days ahead
Which may come unannounced and with little warning
You can
And will
And with time
And patience
You can learn to thrive just the same
That true value does not lie
In objects or lifestyles
In expectations or familiar routines

True value lies within
As an integral part of who you are
For you are more precious than anything else
More than structures and foundations and possessions accrued over time
Which may be lost in strong winds or heavy rains

You are resilient in spirit
Endowed with the gift of persistence and inherent worth
You have weathered many storms before
And will weather many more
Each time
That much more prepared for what comes next
That much more aware of how far you have come
More aware of what has been left in the past
As well as what was been retained

When the storm is over
And all may be lost
So long as you remain
There is still hope


The voice still echoes
A constant reminder
Saying over and over
“You are never going to be enough”
That the cycle cannot and will never end
Failure then hope then failure
Coalescing every time in disappointment

It would be so easy
To listen
To believe
To give in and give up
Letting go
Falling away
From all of the things that bring sadness
That make us to feel useless and meaningless

But in losing them
Would we not lose everything else as well?

For there are certainly times
When the sun shines through the clouds
And the fresh dew on the blades of grass shimmer in the light

There are mornings when the air is fresh and full of life
When the opportunities yet to come await us and the challenges are but space between
When we are glad to be alive

It is so easy to forget
Or to overlook
The joys of life
And sometimes it is true that they are minuscule in the shadow of all that threatens us
But they are there nonetheless
Just as the sprouts that grow between the cracks in forgotten pavement
Seemingly outnumbered
But strong
Persistent, to a fault it might seem
Holding out even when all hope seems lost and futile to pursue
And in doing so
Often overcoming the odds
And with time
Standing tall above broken concrete

And so we must hold on as well
That so long as we do
We will remain
We will grow
And we will persevere

Sometimes, All We Can Do is Listen

Life can be complex
Even more so when two lives merge
Caring for one’s self is a burden in itself
But supporting another
Comes with challenges
That nothing else can really prepare us for

We try our best
In all of our endeavors
In our own way
With good intentions
Each decision
Made upon a foundation
Of prior knowledge and experience

Even still
There will be times
When we feel like we are inadequate
For the difficulties that arise
Not on the shortcomings of those we love
But in our inability to compensate and adjust

I have so often felt
Utterly useless and powerless
As those I love
Struggle without relief
And I am entirely unable
To be of any help
To be anything more
Than a voice
Misunderstood and mistaken in my efforts

All we can do is listen
Demonstrating and reinforcing
Our love and support
Placing hope where it belongs
In the strength that lies within them
Believing that they can and will access it
And use it
To overcome their difficulties
Placing hope in ourselves
In our patience and our love
Believing that we can overcome our own insecurities
And stand beside them
Waiting without judgement or condemnation
Ready and willing
When needed
To be a friend
To be a partner
To be an ally
In the never-ending battle we wage
Against ourselves

Restart (A Belated Response to the “Freedom of Expression” Tag)

I have always loved the rain
The way the droplets continue steadily
One after another
In what must seem an endless free-fall
A lifetime of motion
Complete with friends and cohorts
Allies and enemies
Tumbling just the same
Down until they can fall no longer
Until they reach their violent fate
If only for a moment
Before they are drawn back in
To the warm embrace
Of the flow that has gathered around them

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