For Asha

Fifteen years
To only her
Waiting anxiously
But patiently
All senses finely tuned
To perceive
The sound of her approach
Now in retreat
From physical presence
But distant not
To manifest forevermore
In story and memory
Every second bound
In blissful pairing
At your side
Or on your grateful lap
Never to be apart again
Never to be for want
So long as you are not forgotten


Restart (A Belated Response to the “Freedom of Expression” Tag)

I have always loved the rain
The way the droplets continue steadily
One after another
In what must seem an endless free-fall
A lifetime of motion
Complete with friends and cohorts
Allies and enemies
Tumbling just the same
Down until they can fall no longer
Until they reach their violent fate
If only for a moment
Before they are drawn back in
To the warm embrace
Of the flow that has gathered around them

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A Thought on Change

A movement through motion
A wave from the heart of my mind to the shore of your heart

I often wonder: “How do others perceive
This world we share but do not always experience
In identical or even relatable ways?”

I am in love with the idea of honesty
I have fallen hard for openness and the genuine
Pursuit of truth and awareness that change can occur
But only if we seek it with our hearts

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