This Storm

This storm
Has raged for so long
Beating down on the worn and weary roof
Uprooting trees and power lines
Leaving only ruin in its wake
And you have held strong
Throughout the deluge

But to give in
Is not always to give up

Now I do believe
It is time
To pry the boards from the windows
To let the rain soak through
Wash away
This stagnant air
And all that has accumulated over the years
Setting you free
Setting you on a course
Out of this endless storm
And into the world once more


In the End

In the end
It is not sharpened claws that tear us apart
Nor a flow of blood from our freshly torn flesh that draws the life from our bodies

It is not dagger teeth that consume us
Nor the acids of a churning stomach that digest our decaying forms

No we do not stagger forward from this life to the next thinking of the bodily pain that we endured
Any more than we wake each day once more looking instantly to the world for physical pleasure


What breaks us down
In the end
Is time
The slow onslaught of which beats against our presence in this world like drops from a leaking tap
Barely noticeable at first
Perhaps amusing or even calming in our earlier moments
Running down our surface and slowly falling away with little fanfare
Taking with it specks of dust and dirt
Or so it seems

As the procession continues
We grow more aware
Not only of the persistent repetition
But of what accumulates between the pulses
Of the value ascribed as such
And of how quickly and callously the passing waves are prone to wash whatever is cherished away
Of the immaterial but likewise irreplaceable treasures that are love and friendship
And the inexplicable and immutable impermanence thereof

With age and
– Fortune provided –
We learn to abide the steady stream
To appreciate the reliable nature of the mystery
Drinking in the cycles of loss and gain
Birth, death, and rebirth
Never truly understanding why or where from
But likewise seeing elements of an overarching schematic and grasping if only in the most minute manner
Purpose and place

In the end
Though it comes not in a flood
The waters wash free the last of our tethers
Taking with them at last fragments of all we are
Until there is nothing left to fall upon
And the void beneath consumes even time itself

In the Mountains of the Carolinas

In the mountains of the Carolinas
I’ve worked to put it all behind but
All the memories still bind us
In a way
But wait
With new ones maybe I can find
That there’s still time enough
And light enough
A new mind, aligned, in spite of
Scenes with dreams implied
No white doves
Only wide eyes
New tries
And the right love
In a heart that beats the same as mine
Inside of
A body that despite tough times
Remains and that’s enough
To leave me delighted
And now I’m excited
For soon we’ll leave the Carolinas
To return to where we reside
And this will be all that’s left to remind us
Of the days now far behind us
So here’s to the light that guides us
And the ones who stay beside us
Through troubled times
And storms or pride that blinds us
Because we know
True love is hard to find but
It’s even harder
To keep alive.

Dream Ourselves Awake

Am I alive and well?
Some days I cannot tell.
I walk, I talk, I breathe
But am I really me?
What does it mean to “be”?
Is it only what you see?
Or is there something missing
In these lines,
In shapes and shades and days,
Too long at times,
Too dense to be condensed
In pretty rhymes,
But meaning still too sparse to parse;
Eyes opened wide
But in a realm of endless dark
We perceive
What we choose to believe;
Dream ourselves awake
That we might create and receive
What we think we need,
Subsisting and existing,
But nonetheless empty,
Feeling endlessly
An ache that cannot be relieved,
A void as vast and deep
As all the lakes and streams and seas,
Searching skin and minds and hearts
For rhythm, for a beat,
For a sign of blood to bleed,
For proof, for a sign, for relief
From these
Our lives, our lies, our insecurities;
As minutes into minutes feed,
We move at lightning speed,
But in the wrinkles,
Buried under every crease,
Time and motion seem to cease;
In this we find
Some semblance of release,
Of peace.

I Wait for You, In Darkness

This poem is a collaboration between Thought for Change, of the blog The Rendezvous Club and Auroraboros, of the blog Objects, and the Distance Between Them.

Update: You can view Thought for Change’s posting of this piece at:

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This Paper Heart

Ink-black words
On ashen page
Darker lines from
Darker days
Tell of love
Of all from grace
Tell of memories
Long since erased

This paper heart
Folded tight
Once was clean
Once was white
Those days are gone
But that’s alright
So long as remains
Room to write
So long as remains
Will to fight

Now read me, love
In pulse and flow
All I am
For you to know
All I have
All I was
Encrypted now
In ink, my blood
Pouring out
In crimson flood

This paper heart
Tired and thin
Pressed close to yours
Beats strong again
Fresh life to live
New hope to see
True love to give
To you from me
True love a gift
To be received

So hold strong, dear
Let’s press and fold
Your gentle form
I’ll always hold
Whether warm
Or freezing cold
Whether young
Or growing old
In each other’s hearts
We’ll find a home
And write a story
All our own

For I Do Not Walk in Solitude

Most days
I stand tall
Facing the rising sun
With the breeze in my hair
And a gentle hum
Eminating from my heart
Assured of my purpose
And ready
To face each new challenge
That arises
With an optimistic drive
And a passion for living

But then there come
Days like the blackest night
In which I find myself
Utterly lost
Stumbling about
In a world devoid
Any semblance of
Familiar form
Where shadows abound
Each vaguely threatening
But without reason or
Simply a part of
A darker landscape
Filled also with
Ominous waves
Not to wash clean
Rather to overwhelm

But I no longer fear
For I do not walk in solitude
And should I stumble
Or fail to find
Direction or
Motivation to continue
I know that you
Will be there
To guide me home
With whispered words
Of loving reassurance
Not walking for me
But rather
Lending me strength
And vision
To persevere
And find my way

My darling
You should know
My world moves
To the beat of
Your heart
Whether on days of sunlit fortune
Or nights with moonless skies
Your voice is a fixed landmark
To remind me
That perception is deceptive
That there is always hope
Whether or not I can see it