On Love and On Marriage – A Collaboration, Part 2

The piece below is part two in a collaboration between myself and the very gifted poet Thought for Change, of the blog The Rendezvous Club. This piece was written over a period of time through various communications revolving around a Q/A about fear, love, and marriage.

The text on the left was written by Though for Change. The text on the right was written by me.

I have known love
In the movements of
The trees at night
In the light provided
By sun and moon alike
One in the same
But different nonetheless
I have known love
In the kiss of a stranger’s lips
In the warm embrace
Of a kindred soul

Love does not define
Love embellishes
Bringing forth from life
And into life
Substance from
A stirring that lies beneath
The warmth that resides within
Every heart and hand
Every soul and wayward glance

How I long to know love
How I have searched
The words of so many
For some semblance of
What I cannot quite grasp
With arms or hands
What can only be briefly understood
Deep within

I believe in myths and fairy-tale
I believe that skies are red and
Darkness is green and that
Waves in the ocean are transparent yellow
And just like that I believe in love.
I believe that it exists and
The world condenses to form love.

There have been moments
Lifetimes even
Where love and life spoke as one
Where vows were made and unions formed
Where joy was abundant
And possibility flowed
Both in the waking hours
As well as within
Dreams of so much more

These moments have passed in time
And the nature of memory is such
That shadows form
And light bends around
Areas where pain now resides
Where the laws of equal exchange
No longer govern
And which restless hearts have long abandoned

But hope remains
Each new dawn brings possibility
And hearts heal
In time
Waiting only for
Love to spring forth
Patient in repose
But restless with anticipation

Crossing hands and holding them
Vowing never to part
A silver thread from the heart
Tied a knot around
Bonded by the thread
They walked down the aisle
Expecting this bond to last
For the vows said not to part
But what if the thread is cut
What if the heart that was one
Now separated from the soul
Blind in Love then they was
Now slowly slowly see
Looking slowly slowly inside each other
Now their love turned blind!

I believe that anything is possible
That even legends are steeped in truth
That the sky is boundless and far in the distance there are flames
That the black of the shadows holds tight to every color
And that, laying just beneath the surface of the ocean’s Azure waters
You can look up and see the sun shining through the clear, crystal waves

I believe that words hold power
And as such
Those with the gifts to speak and transcribe them
Wield immense capabilities
To define for themselves
And for those who will listen
What is
And what is not


They say love is patient
That it relies not on sight
But on something more
Something deep
Beneath the skin and beneath even the veins and ventricles
That it resides not in the minutes and the hours, the days or the weeks
But in the years

So often
We are quick to make decisions
Thinking them correct and perhaps they are so
But only in the moment they are made
And by the time we have realized how much further they extend
It is too late


Drawn Only to You

There have been nights when
Upon waking
I wished I had not
Dreams to which waking life
Has felt not but a fevered segue
And I have often cursed the hours for passing so quickly between the time I close my eyes and the moment they next open
But these days
I wake to find you in my arms
Or sleeping softly beside me
And I am content
Lightly kissing your silky hair
Or gently caressing the smooth surface of your skin
Uncaring of whether I return to whatever fantasy from which I have been summoned
Drawn only to you
That you are near.

An Integral Part of the Beautiful Whole

Every one of us deserves to be loved
Not by a stranger
But by someone we have known all our lives
And simply have not met
We deserve the embrace
Of arms swung wide
Gates to a world where we belong
At the center
Where we are seen
Not as another face
Or a frame to be surveyed
But as a piece of the whole
Where we are heard
Not as another tone in the hum
Or as unwanted feedback
But as an integral part
Of the beautiful whole.

Beyond the Surface

There are some among us who
Possess a sheen
As diamonds
But they are transparent just the same
And their value
Determined as such
Inferred by
The world outside of themselves
Not always inherent in
Fully realized by
Their hearts

There are others who
Despite rough appearance
Contain an inner glow
That outlasts
All others
Often unseen
By wayfarers searching only for
That which can be quickly pocketed
And sold to the highest bidder

As with all of this world
There is a spectrum
And all fall
In between
With varying degrees and
Measurements of
Beauty and
Both internal to
And external of

You, my love
Are a being beyond all reason
For you exist
Outside of the bounds
Of what I am able to describe
Or even understand
For you are sculpted
With the finest of details
Every line and angle
Expertly crafted and composed
A work of art
From the tips of every follicle on your head
To the curled toes I first came to love
In days of cautious caress

But even still
Beyond the surface lies
A vivid array of
Boundless potential and
Passion for
Life and love
Joy and
You brighten even the darkest corners
Of my heart
With just a glance
Or even a memory
Your voice an echo of
A serene source
Common to all
But seldom so concentrated and
Undeniably pure

My darling
To say I love you
Is to stand with open arms
In the warmest summer breeze
Eyes closed and
Dreaming of open air
Hopeless in effect
But well intended
A demonstration of
Innocent optimistic naivety
For I would shout your name into the wind
If only to know that it has been spoken out loud
I would paint your face in the sand
If only to see your visage carved within the earth
All representations of you
And what you mean to me
Utterly priceless
Beyond all measure
For you are so much more
Than can ever be perceived
Or comprehended
You exist
Far above
And deep below
All encompassing
And grand in nature

In Your Absence

You are far from where I am
But you are still with me
Your scent is carried
On the apparel you sent
Which wraps itself around my frame
Just the same as your loving arms
Holding tight
In warm embrace
During such a cold day
An ally against
Chattering teeth and
Shivering appendages
A reminder
That I will always return
To you

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