A Pause

At times
A pause
Is needed
A break
In time
To rest
In the stillness
Reflect upon
What has been
And prepare for
What is yet to come

The sun shines bright
On a world of whistling white drifts and slush-filled alleyways
And on the air
There is a touch of spring
A sense
Of renewal
Of awakening
Of forward progress

We wait
Doors latched
And shades drawn
For the cold to pass
For the days to lengthen
And the sun to fall
In longer periods of time
Upon the frozen ground
Not only the worms and the colonies upon colonies of microscopic lifeforms that lie dormant underground
But also the unbound faces and hands
Of eager lives
Waiting to be lived


The Hum of a City Waiting

So the day has passed
And now I sit
Resting in the comfort and stillness of the night air
As shadows move across the ceiling above
As the walls hold strong in their resolve to remain

I listen
To the gentle sound of the wind
And can hear as well
Passing cars
And the hum of a city waiting

On a Cold Day in January

On a cold day in January
I watch
As snowflakes fall to the frozen ground
Retaining their elegant structure
To form a thin membrane across the surface of the Earth
Even in distribution
A reflection
In so many ways
Of the very symmetry each individual shape carries in it’s fragile form

In time
The air will grow warmer
And the frigid strands
Which stretch across the nearly unobservable spaces between
Will slowly melt
As their contents pool and join
To sink beneath
And travel ever onward

Of What, I Am Not Certain

I remember when
Our eyes opened
With the rising of the sun

The smell of morning air
And a renewal that cannot quite be captured
In words
Can only be felt
But for a moment

I remember standing
Behind a frozen pane of glass
Staring out
Into a world of swirling white
Whether there was still anything left at all

There is a chill which lingers
In the air even in warm rooms
Until finding its way
Straight through thick jackets
Shirts and flesh beneath
Straight to the core
Of what, I am not certain
For I have felt it so many times before
But cannot trace
From where it started
Nor when or where it ceased to be

A Bolt Across Azure Skies

Sometimes it comes
Without notice
Without warning
With a flash
A bolt across
Azure skies
From the great expanse
To the great below

At times
There is devastation left in its wake
Blackened trees
And split earth
The smell of burnt air
Long after the sudden storm

And sometimes still
It leaves no trace
Save for the deafening clap
A resounding crash
Which falls upon the empty plains

With a Breath

Smoke curls gently from the end of a lit cigarette
Hanging in the air
The light filtering slowly through
As the clouds drift aimlessly in the open air
Before falling softly to the floor below

For a moment
I am lost
My mind captured in the swirling smoke
Twisting and floating
Moving aimlessly against minimal resistance

With a breath
An orange glow fills the air
And I return

May This Year Your Peace be Found

On this Christmas night
The stars are shining bright
The moon is full and beaming down
A healthy cheer is all around
The sound of song is in the air
We gather round to show we care
The snow is falling from the sky
Drifting down from up so high
The tree is lit and all aglow
Pulsing colors smooth and slow
So to everyone from all
May this year, your peace be found

Winter Kisses

Hopes and wishes
Winter kisses
Snowflakes in your hair

Pine and holly
Spirits jolly
Good will in the air

Each year this season
Another reason
For time with those we love

As stars shine bright
All through the night
Their light falls from above

So be of good cheer
As we gather here
In the fire’s warming glow

Should your heart ever stray
Think back to this day
And you will always know

There is a Stillness Now

Is at times
Like a gust of fresh air
An open space in which to breathe
At others
It is an asphyxiating absence
A vacuum to be filled

There is a stillness now
A silence
To permeate
All the hours of the day
And of the night
And in the nascent chasm between
It is uncertainty that hangs about the room
As smoke which drifts and floats on currents otherwise unseen
Drawn deep to lungs not unfamiliar the bitter taste
Soon expelled as so many times before
The cycle unbroken
Repeated with blind faith
Hoping and waiting
That clarity may return

Just Breathe

Just breathe;
Let the cool air fill your lungs
To be expelled back
Into the aether from which it came
Into patterns unknown to the human eye
But nonetheless present

Just breathe;
A steady motion
A rhythm
Driving the pulse within
Fueled by
Peaceful upheavals and harmonious discord
All existing in the same space

Just breathe;
Each breath
A step
A beginning
As well as an end
Drawing you closer
To where you belong