What It Is to Rise and Fall

It is said
We are born of the soil
No more than dust made flesh
Destined as such to return someday
Scattered as it were
To every corner of the turning Earth

If this is so
I should hope we may one day know
What it is to rise and fall
To move with the seasons
To be blown about
Without care for where we land
Content in knowing
That we are more than the total of our digits and limbs
More than the flesh which stretches across muscle and bone

For is it not so
That every grain of sand which is tossed about
In the seas and in the inland rivers
Has seen more than we could ever truly know
Has been more than we would care to admit
Precious in that no number can contain
No words can put to meaning
The vast and awesome power of this fragile balance
Wherein we lie
Somewhere between
What we call life
And that which calls it to be so


A Bolt Across Azure Skies

Sometimes it comes
Without notice
Without warning
With a flash
A bolt across
Azure skies
From the great expanse
To the great below

At times
There is devastation left in its wake
Blackened trees
And split earth
The smell of burnt air
Long after the sudden storm

And sometimes still
It leaves no trace
Save for the deafening clap
A resounding crash
Which falls upon the empty plains

And That is Enough

There are days
Where I feel
As if I have nothing left
Nothing left that is my own
Nothing left to hold close
Nothing left to give
But then I am reminded
That even were that true
And all that I possess were to fade away
I have you
Not as a trivial thing to be owned
But as a partner with whom I am able to share
My life
And my love
And who shares with me
A love rich and deep
Not as mine alone
But rather as a song
Of which I am grateful to bear audience to
And that is enough

I Am, Then I Am Not

I am seated
At the head of the table
In an establishment which exceeds the standard fare my family is accustomed to

I am seated

I am dressed
In a fine blue suit with my favorite tie
Surrounded by my family and directly opposite my sister’s partner of whose character I am uncertain

I am seated
I am dressed

I am sipping
Sipping periodically
From a drink which is made to taste as if it contains what it does not

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping

I am listening
To my grandmother
As she recalls memories from when her and my grandfather first wed

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening

I am remembering
Of a will which is not my own
Similar stories which I once told with passion and zeal

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening
I am remembering

I am trying
With a grieving heart
To forget how once I imagined myself telling such stories in such settings many years from now

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening
I am remembering
I am trying

I am lost
To the void of unrelenting time
My visage inhabited by a figure I do not recognize even in the cleanest of reflective surfaces

I am seated
I am dressed
I am sipping
I am listening
I am remembering
I am trying
I am lost

I am
Then I am not
As I l dissolve into the lights and the sounds and my mind goes blank

I am
Then I am not
At once
In balance in between
To see which way I fall

With a Breath

Smoke curls gently from the end of a lit cigarette
Hanging in the air
The light filtering slowly through
As the clouds drift aimlessly in the open air
Before falling softly to the floor below

For a moment
I am lost
My mind captured in the swirling smoke
Twisting and floating
Moving aimlessly against minimal resistance

With a breath
An orange glow fills the air
And I return

Winter Kisses

Hopes and wishes
Winter kisses
Snowflakes in your hair

Pine and holly
Spirits jolly
Good will in the air

Each year this season
Another reason
For time with those we love

As stars shine bright
All through the night
Their light falls from above

So be of good cheer
As we gather here
In the fire’s warming glow

Should your heart ever stray
Think back to this day
And you will always know

Waiting to Be

There was a time when our dreams
Were just within reach
There was nothing that could not be accomplished
Nothing we could not attain
And all that stood between
What is and what could be
Was our own imagination

Now so many days have passed
And it can feel
Like all we have acquired
Is an emptiness that slowly grows
Fed by our desires
And the perception we have
That they cannot be met

Our hearts grow tired
And we are worn thin
Sleeping later and later each day
Looking out the window
And thinking only of opportunities missed
Rather than seeing
Those that still await

And resentment thrive
In fertile beds of broken promises
Nourished by doubt
And diminished expectations
As we see only what could have been
Ignoring what still could be

For I have learned
And am learning still
That opportunity abounds
In each and every minute
That though we may fail
Or even fail to act
There is always hope

So long as we do not give up
So long as we persist
We can still dream
And those dreams are within reach
For in each minute there are endless possibilities
Just waiting
Waiting to be