The Ashes of our Former Days

Come with me, lover fair
Ignore the embers in the air
For though they fall in a cascade
We both know they are doomed to fade
Just as the stars and moon at night
Are soon outshone by morning light

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A Thought on Change

A movement through motion
A wave from the heart of my mind to the shore of your heart

I often wonder: “How do others perceive
This world we share but do not always experience
In identical or even relatable ways?”

I am in love with the idea of honesty
I have fallen hard for openness and the genuine
Pursuit of truth and awareness that change can occur
But only if we seek it with our hearts

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What Spectre Beckons?

What spectre beckons from across the dark divide?
What moves the earth beneath, what masses grow inside?

If the morning robin mourned with dark and haunting tune;
If the doves cried out at night with reverie for the moon;
If the masses from the sea upon the land did take;
If your loved ones laid to rest and never they did wake:
Would you then rise from bed with eyes // same as were before?
Would you decide to stem the tide, to enter into war?

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